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K. McNair

"I was burned out from my current job, and by the time I made it home I barely had the energy to apply to positions on USAJobs. While exhausted from the day, I would still push through and send a few applications. After not getting referred multiple times, I realized I needed some help because I knew I was capable of doing the work if I received an offer. When I started to lose hope in landing a Federal position I heard about Resume Remix. From start to finish, Resume Remix has been amazing! Within two months I had an interview for a great opportunity and was offered. Even after I accepted and started that position, a week later I was called for another interview for a different position. After I was offered that position I took the offer as it was an even better fit for me. My situation turned from not even being referred to having to decide whether I was going to turn down offers or not. Resume Remix also went above and beyond by checking how my first day went for BOTH positions! I recommend Resume Remix to anyone seeking Federal employment."

D. Eaton

Paralegal Specialist

"Working with Resume Remix has been  such a wonderful and rewarding experience. In January of this year I had a consultation with Ronnay. During our consultation I explained to her that I was in no rush to leave my current job but was expecting my second child in May and would love to start a new job by January 2021.

In May, Ronnay hit the ball running. She applied to so many applications in such a short time. Finally I was contacted for an interview with DHS in July and a short two weeks later I was offered the position as a Paralegal Specialist.

Throughout the process Ronnay was very knowledgeable and very honest. She explained to me to be patient, it’s a process and she made sure I had everything I needed for my interview (completed application and resume).

I can proudly say I will be starting my new position on January 4, 2021 with the Department of Homeland Security - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as a Paralegal Specialist!

THANK YOU Resume Remix for your expertise, guidance and knowledge. Working with you has been nothing but Amazing! Thank you for being patient with me when I had several questions regarding the Top Secret Clearance process.

I HIGHLY recommend Resume Remix if you are looking for a position in the federal government! Please know it is a process, but you will be in great hands!"

J. Gaston

Administrative Specialist

"There is one word that succinctly describes Ronnay: phenomenal. This process was so efficient, so thorough, and extremely effective. I struggled grossly with achieving successful results on my own using the USAjobs platform. It became very disheartening to either not be referred to a position or being referred with no further traction from the employer. However, from the very first application to nearly every succeeding application I was referred which boosted my confidence tremendously. At no point did I have any doubt I  would receive promising results. Even after being called for two interviews, Ronnay continued to apply. She did not falter until I was hired. In fewer than 12 weeks, I received my offer letter. I HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone actively seeking gainful employment within the Federal Government."

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